5 Tips on Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses


You need to do some marketing for your business but your budget is tight. There are lots of low-budget marketing ideas that just take a little time, effort, and a lot of creativity. One of the best ways to execute a low-cost marketing plan is to get social.

Get Social. You probably have a fairly large personal social network already built up. Between your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts you have a focus group/target audience ready and waiting. Create new business pages on the social networks you want to focus on and invite people from your networks to them. Then, and this is the most important part, leverage and nurture that new relationship with great content.

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Surveys. People love weighing in on ideas and business propositions; all you need to do is ask. Create a short 10-question SurveyMonkey survey and ask 100 people to fill it out. You can get valuable feedback for free!

Post pictures of your ideas and ask for feedback and comments. Asking people what they think is a sure-fire way to get them to engage. Be transparent about your process and keep the dialogue going.

Content. Take some time to create great “from the heart” content for your social media outlets. No one loves your business as much as you do and no one can market it better. Make an informational video series and post it everywhere. The video doesn’t have to have production value; it just needs to have good content. If you have content that people want to share, others will do the marketing work for you by sharing it. Don’t big deal it – ideas can die while people over-plan. You can refine as you go so get going.

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Fiverr and other sites. There are sites out there where people offer their services on the cheap. You can get blogs, infographics, voice-overs, etc. Because these low-cost sites can have a lot of “noise” on them, just make sure that you are choosing wisely. $5 spent on a piece of junk is not low-cost marketing – it is just $5 wasted. However, if you find the right person, you can get great marketing produced for you quickly and cheaply.

Ads on Social Networks. You can create fairly low-cost advertising on social networks. The trick is to be extremely conscious of your target market. Don’t try to cast a wide net – get niche. StumbleUpon has a Paid Discovery program that takes people directly to your site. As with any advertising, make sure your end destination is ready for engagement. Know exactly what you want people to do when they come to your site. Create your offer or call-to-action and make it front and center.

Once you start the conversation on your social networks, watch what content gets the most traction. Remember that this is a relationship you are building so you want to engage with your social groups at least once a day. Respond to comments; be present. Inviting someone to your Facebook page is a bit like inviting them to a party. Make sure your party is stocked with all the goodies they will need and make it fun. People will stay at a party where they enjoy themselves and will invite others to join them in sharing the fun!

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