Building an Awesome Digital Reputation When You Don’t Have the Time


Every entrepreneur is aware that a solid digital reputation is extremely important in the business environment. Nowadays, typing your name in the Google search engine is pretty much the equivalent of your resume. However, creating a strong digital reputation will take some time, which is one of the luxuries entrepreneurs cannot really afford.

Entrepreneurs already have so much on their plate, like always finding new investors or building strong business relationships. Therefore, allocating time to leave your mark by branding yourself and your company online is highly improbable. While it is difficult, it is not impossible and you should remember that.

Here are four easy ways you can do that even though you don’t really have the time to focus yourself on the digital marketing aspect.

First and foremost, go ahead and dictate. Maybe you don’t really have the time to write blog posts or you don’t consider yourself that good of a writer so that you can do it. No worries. Use the strategy offered by the bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk – dictate all your ideas into the voice memo function of your smartphone. You can do this whether you’re in your car, out for a walk or exercising on your bike. By doing it this way you will feel no pressure whatsoever given that there’s no blank screen in front of you. Once your thoughts are recorded, you don’t have to type them in yourself. Rather, use services such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This service will facilitate the editing and moving around your own words rather than always banging your head against the wall when trying to come up with new ideas.

Moreover, take into account the scheduling aspect. Has it ever crossed your mind that many people succeeded in creating a full-time career out of making social media content? As a matter of fact, plenty of internet folks have. However, the downside to being an entrepreneur is not having time to do this while other aspects seek more attention. Therefore, make sure you do your best to limit your time strategically. Nowadays you can use social media tools like Facebook, Tweetdeck or even Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule posts in advance for a whole week. Moreover, you can easily find out which items should be crossposted on Twitter or LinkedIn and which you prefer to remain only on your channel.

Repurposing can be one of the most valuable attributes out there. If you had to create new content on a regular basis you would have no time left for other things that may require you immediate attention. Smart entrepreneurs always think of ways they can repurpose things that have already been used on a different social media channel. For example, a blog post can become five or even ten tweets if you highlight the most important aspects or prefer to send an interesting quote. Get inventive, the sky’s the limit! One could even record a short video in which that person summarizes the blog post. Everybody is in a rush nowadays and people tend to get bored or focus their attention on other things. Therefore, be short, concise and capture as much as you can in the shortest amount of time.

Outsourcing is sometimes used by entrepreneurs. They prefer to hire ghostwriters that will create content or blog posts. While this is not really my cup of tea, it may prove to be a viable solution if you simply do not have the time to build your digital reputation. However, rarely can a ghostwriter capture all the aspects that make you unique. If you’re like me and don’t really like this option, you could always hire a person that is there to interview you about your business or even several aspects of your life. In this case you need a staffer or an intern with solid writing skills. If you don’t know how you can find one you can go ahead and check Elance. They are able to provide you with a transcript of your conversation, thus being able to see your own words, which, in turn, can become an extremely helpful prompt. Instead of asking yourself “What should I write?” go ahead and ask yourself the following question: “How will I be able to organize my insights better so that I can help others?”.

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