How Customer Service Should be Conducted on Social Media


Have you ever been curious enough to visit a company’s Twitter profile or Facebook page just to find a never-ending pile of unanswered customer service posts? If so, don’t be worried, you’re not the only one.

Given the current technological expansion of smartphones and social media in general, almost every business needs to be present on all digital channels. And if you consider that 3 out of 4 Americans and 55 percent of Canadians are proud owners of smartphones, it’s easier for customers and consumers to send a Facebook message or a tweet rather than clicking on the company’s page, filling out the form or trying to find an email address, phone number of customer service chat.

And still, almost 70% of complaints coming from customers on social media go ignored. Wow! Thus, it is safe to say that there is an outstanding opportunity to make your clients happy and be one step ahead of your competition. This is the time the social media manager or the social media consultant comes in. This person plays a fundamental part of any business, trying to convert fans and followers into advocates for your brand and customers. However, there is just so much a social media manager is able to do. In order to integrate social and customer service, you need to train all your team members on the best practices regarding social media and offering useful, timely and effective responses to inquiries coming from customers.

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Graphic courtesy of Salesforce Canada Blog

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