How to Increase Customer Loyalty on Twitter


Nowadays, when people belonging to business circles think of “social media”, this term is often followed by “marketing”. Not to say that there is anything wrong with social media marketing – in some instances it’s extremely effective. However, one could say that it’s a bit too limiting if you consider the fact that in business, marketing is solely the start of what social media is all about.

For example Twitter is one of the most effective and simple social media platforms that can help you increase customer loyalty. On one hand, it’s the perfect place for sharing news, company highlights, relevant content or even have quick conversations. On the other hand, it can damage your business beyond belief if it is not used properly. Here are some things you should consider before using Twitter for increasing customer loyalty.

Don’t just produce content for the sake of producing content. See what your target audience is talking about and write on that subject or on another one related to it. Also, most Twitter experts know and believe that the best form of content is conversation. When one of your followers asks you a question you need to answer it publicly, even if that person is disapproving of your business. For example, if a follower criticizes your company, you could share their criticism. By doing this, it becomes very authentic and in turn, creates loyalty.

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Similarly, one of the best ways of ensuring customer loyalty and helping out one of your clients is by resolving a complaint. The simple act of responding to a dissatisfied and angry customer can easily turn him/her into a happy camper. Most times, if customers are angry with a business and let them know about it and the company doesn’t hit the reply button, they will feel left out, angry and like they have just wasted their time.

Remember to add value. I might be beating a dead horse but there’s a reason so many people place emphasis on this aspect. The lack of provided value (essence) will eventually send you down the irrelevance spiral.  

If there’s something Twitter should add for company profile pages, it should automatically insert a “Thank you text” each time a business responds to a client. For example, a customer is writing to you on Twitter, saying something nice about their experience with your company. You could retweet the post and also add a bit of gratitude at the end of it. Why not promote great testimonials and say thank you at the same time?

Focus on creating a good relationship with your followers. Numbers aren’t everything and this is especially true as far as Twitter goes. Countless business pages with thousands of followers can’t seem to manage this aspect properly.

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Share meaningful content, links of your products, services or any other content that could prove to be of help for your customers and remember to ask your followers for help when and if the time is right. Before doing this you need to spend a bit of time listening and answering questions. Try to figure out what their needs are before you ask them to do something for you.

Let them know that you listen to what they have to say about you and your company. Use tools such as Hootsuite, Advanced Twitter Search or InboxQ to see mentions about the name of your company because not every user will use the @ before your name to shout you out. And when they do, thank them for it.

Limit the number of times you tweet per day and make them count. You need to tweet only content that your followers will perceive as valuable. Also, you need to pay extra attention to the number of links you post so as to not seem like you are spamming people. Yes, you might have more than one valuable link, but choosing to post only the most useful one is the safest bet.

If you don’t have the time to spend hours on end on Twitter to post valuable content, you could try and schedule multiple tweets. Take your website to the next level and start driving traffic back to it by tweeting several times a day. And although too many tweets will definitely annoy your followers, posting sporadically could send you diving into the irrelevance barrel. Make use of online tools such as BufferApp, Hootsuite and to schedule tweets for the next couple of days if you are not going to have enough time to manage the Twitter account.

Remember to tweet only when your followers are online. Consider using tools such as Crowdbooster or Sprout Social to find the best times that your followers are most likely to engage your tweets. Tools such as Tweriod or Fruji can help you find out when your Twitter followers are online.

Last but not least, remember to stick to your Twitter goals and your target audience. It’s pretty safe to say that having a plan as to why you are on Twitter and with whom you want to connect is a mandatory aspect without which increasing the customer loyalty levels is so much more difficult. Remember that the plan cannot be applied to all social media platforms. Your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn plan should all be tweaked and different. For Twitter, your main goal should be to create tweets and connect with individuals who can help you reach your Twitter goals.

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