How to Make Money With Affiliated Marketing


Have you ever asked yourself what affiliate marketing actually is? Maybe this article will shed some light over certain aspects of what the affiliation process involves. If you’ve ever come into contact with this money-making tool, then probably you know how a large number of people that manage to earn money by using affiliated marketing. But why are these people making more money out of affiliated marketing than you? Maybe it has to do with the fact that they possess certain knowledge you haven’t managed to assimilate. And maybe, that knowledge is the difference between affiliated marketing that produces money and poorly implemented affiliated marketing.

If you don’t already know, affiliations on the internet promote a product or a service in exchange for a commission for each sale. To become an affiliate isn’t rocket science: All you have to do is create an account for the affiliation program you’ve chosen. For example, if you want to become an affiliate for an electronics store, you must see whether that store has an affiliation program implemented. If so, all you need to do is create an account. By doing so, you will have access to various tools that will help you promote that store. When someone clicks on one of your tools, a cookie (with a life-span of 30 days) will automatically install on his computer. And each time someone will buy from that computer, you will receive a commission.

Here are 4 of the most used affiliation procedures that great affiliate’s use:

1. Deals with other affiliates. As an affiliate you can earn a lot of money in a relatively easy way if you present other affiliates a product that will bring in revenue. This way they receive a commission and you see one in turn without doing all that much. You just have to explain from the get-go how the process works. Although, to do this, you need to possess the necessary knowledge. Also, if possible, try your best to be one of the first people that find out about a product that will sell like hot butter. Moreover another thing that you can do if you’re a successful affiliate is create an ebook, given the fact that there is a large number of them online, yet very few are top-quality. The ebook should be abundant in information meant to help others follow in your footsteps. For starters you could ask for a small fee in exchange for it or ask for affiliation links that will bring money in the near future.

2. Email address database. This is a pretty good strategy: you gather as many email addresses as possible to which you can regularly send messages (through an autoresponder) about a product or service. According to recent statistics, using a 10.000 email address database in this way (while it isn’t easy: we can rely on Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus) can generate a nice monthly income.

3. Other affiliates do not even spend the time creating their own list of email addresses. They actually contact people that already have a list and that are willing to sign a deal with them. This is a win-win situation given that the more products you sell, the more money both parties make.

4.Lately, affiliates tend to act in the following way: they create a webpage or an ebook where they offer general information about how a certain problem can be solved. They touch upon about the main 2-3 methods that can help you solve the problem (even though anyone has access to this type of information) while, before finishing, they offer the most efficient solution that offers the best results (i.e. their promoted product). According to recent data, this method has a high probability of success, so if you want to start your affiliating career, this is the best way to go.

In conclusion, nowadays, the most profitable businesses available for the large audience are represented by online businesses and the affiliation process is one the most important branches of this industry. Do you have what it takes to become rich?

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