How to use LinkedIn correctly


LinkedIn is a social networking service extremely useful for the business environment. However, it does not have the notoriety of Twitter, Facebook, or other social media networks. Like any other social media network, LinkedIn is a both a B2C and a B2B communication channel which proves extremely useful if used correctly. So here are some of the best ways to make use of this social network that will help you develop your business even more.

Set in stone your objectives as to why you are present on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an extremely complex business network. The active members may be able to find a job or an employer may find top employees, partners or ideal clients. So, what are your expectations from this network? Are you here to meet clients or to find new employees? Are you in the look for partners from other regions or clients from different areas of the country? Or maybe both?

Post a professional profile picture of your face

Whether you’re looking for a job or you’re an entrepreneur and have your own business, you need a professional photo of your face. The reason behind this is that people tend and prefer to speak to other people. When you are creating your LinkedIn profile, use your own name, not that of your company. As in the case of Facebook, you can create a separate page for your business.

LinkedIn supports offline networking

Imagine you take part in an event and you collected over 20 business cards. It would be advisable to connect to your profile and add the people you’ve just met. Not only will this help in remembering the person’s name, but you will also be able to learn additional information regarding their business.

Use a representative title

In case you are an entrepreneur and you run your own business, write the role you have at your firm, your specialization or field and the name of your firm. Also, avoid to use simple terms as “boss”, “owner” or “administrator”. Moreover, try and be clear and concise, but also point out all the relevant details.

Post, post and post

As in the case of any social media network, posting helps you increase your visibility. In other words, if you have quality content (news pertaining to a specific field, novelties or articles from your personal blogs), post them on LinkedIn. It is recommended you post daily on your profile between 7 and 9 AM.

Write a short summary of your activity

The summary should be about you and not about your company. Don’t copy the text from the “About us” page of your website. As I previously mentioned, people want to discuss with other people. That is why your LinkedIn profile should be about you, the activity you undertake in the firm and about your achievements. Here’s a tip for you: use concrete data as clear-cut results and tasks.

Add sections in your profile

LinkedIn allows you to add a series of section on your profile. This will help you highlight your volunteer work, implemented projects, foreign languages you speak and test results. Use these section so that it presents your results and abilities in a positive light. This way, people that work with you will be aware of your abilities.

Take part in group discussions

There are hundreds of groups filled with spam messages, but there are some quality groups pertaining to each domain. In the case of the latter groups, you can offer or receive advice that may help you in your business field. Another important aspect you should be aware of is that, to sell does not refer to yelling “I sell X and Y”, but rather I help people deal with their problems. By offering advice in these types of groups, you will be considered an expert in your field of activity and the chances for people to buy from you will increase significantly.


LinkedIn is an extraordinary social networking service where you can meet new people, clients, employees or partners. The best part about is that IT WORKS! Therefore, you MUST act! Create a profile and help those in need as much as you can.

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