How to Use Pinterest to Your Advantage


Whether you use it or not, Pinterest is here to stay and cannot be ignored. Need Proof? An article I read recently showed how Pinterest has managed to surpass email in the race of social sharing. And that my friend, is a major shift.

Developing the proper Pinterest strategy or deciding to use their service altogether may prove to be a proverbial challenge. If you wish to use their services, the good news is that there are certain rules that will allow you to use Pinterest to your advantage in order to strengthen your brand.

1. If you are the proud owner of a lifestyle brand, Pinterest will fit like a glove, because it  was created mainly for lifestyle brands. Customers will have high expectations in terms of awesome photos that best describe your products, whether it’s food, clothes or electronics.

Also, take into account that Pinterest allows you to express the brand in so many ways than simply just being a product. Take Sonos for example: they make music system so they will appear in the board of music-related tattoos, but it’s not just a random array of photos that show speakers.

2. If you deal on a daily basis with a not so edgy brand, it’s time to get creative. While lifestyle brands are usually the most common things on Pinterest, you can take advantage of its services to gain awareness as well. This will require a good dose of creativity regarding the information or photos you share and establish solid partnerships with customers and other people that activate in your domain.

3.Moreover, humor is a must. Do the best you can to convey your message in a funny and witty way. If creativity isn’t really your cup of coffee, pass on this task to one of your employees that shows the greatest deal of creativity.

4. It may sound weird but graphics has its own board. The very least, they can do that for you. Visualising data and Pinterest go hand in hand, more so if the data you offer is timely, amusing or simply interesting. If you manage to get across a core brand message by actually making it one of the aforementioned three things, the better off you’ll be. You only need pretty simple, yet colorful graphics. Don’t know how what I’m talking about? Go check the ones The Wall Street Journal offers. Also, if you prefer, you can use more elaborate infographics.

5. Another useful tip is to use colors that attract the eye of customers or maybe even a stark black and white. It is a demonstrated fact that customers tend to be more attracted to bright colors that are in contrast. If that isn’t your style, you can always try your best to create bold shapes or contrasting patterns.

6. Do everything within your powers to get introspective with your business to business. Yes, this is extremely difficult when it comes to Pinterest but it still remains a way in which you can create brand awareness, but also allow customers or job candidates to take a look at the culture of your company. Don’t worry, if that doesn’t really take off, you’ll still have an extremely important HR tool, such as creativity, friendship among employees and others.

To avoid things that don’t work on Pinterest, make sure to space out the pinning with good timing. Nobody wants to be spammed and receive updates or news every minute or two. You should also know that Pinterest is mostly used in the evening or during the weekends. Pinning way too much early in the week will not have the impact you so desperately crave.

Last but not least, never leave things blank. Ensure that you have lots of details on your profile page and also provide a short description for each pin. Follow these simple rules and you’ll definitely create brand awareness and use it to your advantage.

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