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If you have a small business with a website, you want to make sure that your website shows as part of the search results when people search Google for your product or service. Ask yourself: Did I spend time on SEO? What is that, you ask? The aconym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and without it, your website is probably going nowhere fast.

Taking care of your website’s SEO yourself can be a part of your low-cost marketing plan but you need to know a little bit about what you are doing. There are over 11 billion searches performed on Google every month! You need to know how to optimize your website to get the most out of Google and attract the right kind of customers. If you don’t do it right, Google will serve up the websites of your competitors and you will miss out on new business.

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So, how do you do SEO correctly to increase your chances of being found by customers using Google or Bing? Follow these guiding principles:

DO: Use SEO Code For Your Site
Google has changed their algorithms to only serve up websites in search results that are mobile-friendly on mobile devices. Since 60% of all searches are made on mobile devices, you must have a mobile-friendly site. If your website is older and doesn’t function properly on mobile devices, you must update it. This kind of SEO is not optional.

Guiding principle: The code of your website must reflect the most up-to-date SEO practices.

DO: Craft the Use of Your SEO Keywords
Google only knows what your site is about if you tell it, and you have to be rather firm with Google because it is pretty bombarded (over 30 trillion webpages reported in 2013). Make the list of about 10 keywords that your site is focused on. Then, take those keywords and strategically place them in the meta tags of the code, in the on-page content, and in the alt tags of your images. Make sure the pages of your website use the keywords in the urls with dashes not underscores between words and tightly match the content on those pages to the keywords in the urls. Google’s job is to serve up the right website to the right searcher; good SEO helps get that job done.

Guiding principle: Do your on-page SEO correctly so the traffic that is driven to the site is qualified and happy to be there.

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DO: Get SEO Help If You Need It
You may want to take on crafting the SEO for your website because it seems low-cost but it can be complicated. Things change quickly in the search engine world as Google continually refines its algorithms to better serve searchers. If you don’t already have an expert in-house, it may be worth going outside of your low-cost marketing budget to get an expert to help you.

Guiding principle: You can’t afford not to be found on Google because of bad SEO.

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