Why the IoT Isn’t Just About the Buzz, It’s the Future


Following the Consumer Electronics Show, the Internet of Things (IoT, in a nutshell) has managed to earn a lot of credibility points. Here’s how IoT will change the way we interact with technology:

1. First of all, I am all in favor of IoT. I believe it is the future. The devices connected to the Internet have exceeded the number of people living on Earth in 2008, while more than 26 billion will be connected by 2020.

Its growth will be based on the continuous declining costs in bandwidth, sensors, processing and also new methods of data analysis.

2. The possibility of connecting everything. Presently, approximately less than 0.1 of devices that could be connected to the Internet are actually connected to the Internet. In the future, there will be four key areas of IoT and they are as follows: cities, homes, cars and wearables.

For example, smart cities will be able and will monitor the usage of gas, water and electric energy, while also analyzing data to create efficiencies. All the “less than important items” in our households will become connected, starting with light bulbs, chairs and ending with washing machines and thermostats. Moreover, the automobile will turn out to be the largest mobile device in existence. Everything we will wear will become smart regarding where we are, what activities we are doing and how we are feeling.

3. Devices are more and more personalized. Devices connected to the internet and sensors will create mountains and mountains of data regarding people and enterprise. Our current devices generation information significant to us, such as the temperature we prefer to have in our homes, the taste of the food we love, the amount of food our pets eat, etc. Therefore, companies will be able to offer experiences especially personalized for customers throughout their daily lives.

4. IoT will be able to predict if a device will succeed or fail. To put it in layman’s terms, we will know when a home appliance or even a car reaches levels that indicate an inevitable failure, thus allowing us to be one step ahead of the situation and be able to prevent unwanted and unnecessary costs. In detail, aspects such as real-time analytics and a wider automation will generate billions of dollars of efficiencies across economies and industries by avoiding outages and malfunctions.

5. OS (Operating systems) are the true pioneers of IoT. Companies such as Google, Apple and Samsung are all blazing the IOT trail by creating the platforms we will use in the future. Last summer, Apple has announced a brand new “smart home” platform, Samsung offered $100m for developers to help create a more open IoT platform while Google purchased Nest for $3.2bn.

What do you think about IoT and its potential?

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