Profitable businesses for students


As a student, you probably have a limited monthly income, which mostly comes from parents and, most likely, the money your parents give you won’t suffice for more than a week or two. We all know what it entails to be a student and have money problems. However, there are some simple ways in which you can earn money and still be able to study.  There are a lot of small business ideas that you can start as a student.

Still, you need to be aware that you will have to give up a good portion of your free time. The good news is that most of these small business ideas don’t require a lot of money big and they can surely bring you a nice profit in a short amount of time.

In addition, you will benefit from the fact that you are financially independent and that you are able to handle everything on your own.

There are many methods through which a student can get his or her hands on some money, such as online tutoring or using your creativity to create something useful.

Here are three small business ideas you could start in your spare time that will translate into more cash in your pockets:

Handmade jewelry and accessories

If you are a creative person with a whole lot of imagination, you could try and create jewelry, hats or even clothes by using available and cheap fabrics or materials for these types of things. Creating handmade accessories or jewelry will certainly be like a relaxation or a hobby. And since you’re enjoying what you are doing and constantly creating new, fresh and amazing things, clients will come barging in to buy the outstanding handmade creations.

As a tip, we suggest you constantly come up with new and original ideas to create various models or unexpected color combinations. The resulted products can be sold through your own online store or even with the help of your friends or colleagues that can spread the word about the awesome jewelry you produce to other people. Both are great options that allow you to promote your business. Opportunity is just around the corner so always expect for the unexpected.


And since you’re a student and you have a lot of papers to write, reports to fill in and so on, you can take advantage of this, and turn it into a way of developing yourself professionally. Moreover, you will be able to earn some money. How so? Well, you can start writing your articles on your blog. Finding the right platform shouldn’t take much of your time and it can also be done without needing any money. Afterwards, you can post your articles on various themes and subjects, but, ideally, you need to find an original subject that appeals to the large audience and create curiosity and interest among potential readers. This should be done to gather as much visitors as possible and to ensure the numbers will increase constantly. When you think you’ve written enough articles, turn the site into a revenue source by using several programs such as Google AdSense or Paid to Click, which use the ad placement on your blog in exchange for an amount of money.

Affiliated marketing

This method needs opening a site on which you will promote and sell products from other companies in exchange for money. This way, you can earn a commission any time a sale is made. This is relatively new for the online environment, but is steadily gaining ground and becoming an easy way of making money. So why not take advantage of this advantageous opportunity to put a pretty penny in your pocket?

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