5 Awesome Ways of Increasing Your Brand Following


Most often famous and well-established brands tend to focus on converting their social media fans or followers into consumers. Yet, they overlook a key aspect or they simply don’t realize its importance: they fail to engage and attract their current customers to be a part of their social media “family”. Nonetheless, enterprises are able to create a solid online reputation, so that they are perceived as a trustworthy and valuable source of information. If your current shoppers become fans of your brand, the chances you increase your business revenue significantly improve.

It’s common-knowledge that if the social media accounts of a brand are always up-to-date with everything that happens in the world, the fans, followers or visitors (call them as you please) will perceive the business as a source of valuable and trustworthy information. Actually, Balihoo has found that 63 % of consumers who are looking for local companies online are far more willing and likely to purchase from one that’s providing information on its social media account. Having an important number of followers that offer positive feedback on a regular basis and interact with you, potential customers that browse through your social media sites are encouraged to believe that the services or products the brand provides truly are trustworthy.

If you stop to think about it for a moment, this is also a great way of receiving feedback from your customers and provide them with what they want. Nowadays, lots of companies encourage their customers that follow them on social media to leave suggestions on how they could improve the product or service while also offering feedback on what the company is currently offering. This way, enterprises are able to co-develop the brand with their customers while still continuing to increase their revenue.

Here are some of the best ways of increasing your brand following:

1. First and foremost, you need to take advertising into consideration. In today’s world, this is one of the most powerful and frequently used tools to promote your brand. Some clients may have never thought of following your business until they saw an ad that directs them to one of your social media pages. Also, you should also consider advertising offline by including all the necessary information about your social media accounts on customer receipts, in your email signature or even on business cards. Bear in mind that putting up signs in your establishment where you encourage your clients to follow your brand and relevant information about your company can also prove of use.

2. Another great way of increasing your brand following is by offering incentives to your consumers. Often times businesses are required to offer their clients a reason (even a small one at least) that offers them a glimpse into your brand, showing them why they should be following you. This can be done by either handing out free products or services for a limited amount of time, several discounts on some of your products or services or even insider information.

In addition, you could offer your site visitors coupons after they become a follower of your business’ Facebook profile page. If that’s not really your thing, you could always try and create contests. For example, you could ask your clients to come up with the best slogan that describes your company and the winner gets a free product or service from your company. Increasing your social media numbers can also be done by providing your customers with deals, promotions, discounts that they gen only by joining your social media pages.

3. Valuable content equals trustworthiness. Although this may not come as news to you and actually seem obvious, it’s worth mentioning that the best way of increasing your company’s presence on social media is by creating relevant and high-quality content.  Enticing content, useful information or meaningful news are the main things that are going to pique the interest of your clients. Adroit Digital has found that 3 out of 4 Americans who use the Internet say that product information found on social media channels tend to influence their shopping behavior. This, in turn will strengthen the loyalty of your brand. Insightful content and meaningful news that are relevant to your target audience are some of the best ways to engage your followers.

Also, remember that being repetitive is not always a great thing and that you should diversify your content accordingly. At times the situation may require you to be witty, funny or inspiring, whereas sometimes the content may need to be informative or controversial.

4. Another crucial aspect is to constantly interact with as many members of your community as possible. Once people become aware that you have started to share meaningful and enticing content, use this momentum and engage them as much as possible. The interaction could be described as a sort of “call to action”, which could ask the followers or fans to share the information, join an event or take part in a debate or simply provide an answer to a question. To put it as simple as possible, you need to lay the foundation for a dialogue. The interaction with your fans or followers should always be an open two-way street. While at first it may be difficult to get them talking, the moment you manage to do this, the more relevant and interesting your posts will become for more and more users.

5. If you are serious about making a splash on social media and gaining more and more awareness for your brand, you should probably consider hiring a full-time social media manager. This is great for countless reasons. First of all, remember that nurturing and growing all your social media accounts usually takes a huge chunk of everybody’s time and effort.  Still, small companies that don’t have great margins should probably assess all the financial factors before actually creating such as position in your company. Also, hiring a person with a great deal of expertise and experience in social media will offer you the edge over your competitors. Whether you like it or not, social media is ever-present and is here to stay. So why not capitalize on this opportunity and transform it into a lucrative piece of business?

What other practices/ways/strategies do you believe are helpful for increasing your brand following? Let us know in the comments section below.

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