Kickstarting a Successful Business Website


In our current business environment entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that innovative products and services are a must. While this is great and all, it’s still not enough to transform your startup in a successful business.

When launching a startup, entrepreneurs need to create a solid and relevant web presence through a consistent content marketing strategy so that they are able to stand out and get noticed from hundreds of millions of websites and attract clients that will ensure the survival of their company.

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Nowadays, websites are a necessity not only for entrepreneurs and large companies, but also for small home-based businesses because it enables each and every group to reach out to their potential customers and sell their products or services. Thus, regardless of the marketing strategies you use, enabling users and clients to find and reach you both online and offline is crucial.

For example, nearly 300 million new websites were created in 2011 and the number is exponentially increasing with each passing day. In this context you need be focused and relevant in order to stand out and become reachable. The main problem is that quite a large number of entrepreneurs do not know where to start in this process.

The things that help entrepreneurs create a successful website are countless, but you shouldn’t let the number overwhelm you because you don’t need to do them all at once. Choose the most important aspects related to the website and do them extremely well on a constant basis. The main ingredients to launching and managing a successful website are the user friendly design and constant relevant content so as to attract attention of both new clients and search engines.

And while content marketing and content creation are mandatory elements that ensure the success of a website, you shouldn’t wait until you have the perfect content. Thus, before actually launching the website make sure you have some content ready for the next couple of weeks. And remember, the more content you create, the more momentum you will build and the better off you’ll be.

Yes, there is a huge number of so-called “experts” who promise to deliver the world at your feet, only to lead you down a wrong path, for a large price. Therefore, if you are actually looking for an expert make sure it’s a real one who is able to provide you guidance when tackling the issue.

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1. Decide the purpose of your company’s website. Yes, you want to create a website for your business, but that is far too general. You need to be more specific and create a plan for your website and what its goal is going to be. For example, its sole purpose may be to offer information about your products and services and testimonials from potential clients.

Also, this kind of website will not require new content to be added on a regular basis. Or maybe you are interested in selling your products or services directly online. Knowing the purpose the site will serve is by far the most important first step because it will provide you with the path you will have to follow so that you are able to develop and grow your website going forward.

2. Also, consider creating a blog. According to Hubspot, websites that have blogs receive two times the number of inbound links than websites without blogs, 400 % more indexed pages and even a 50 % increase in website traffic. Also, search engines such as Bing and Google as well as people are head over heels with blogs nowadays. By having a blog you are able to engage potential clients as part of your social media strategy.

3. After creating the blog, make sure you deliver great content on a regular basis. Being consistent is the best way to tackle this issue. Determining and providing original, meaningful and interesting content to your users, clients and target audience in general is a sure-fire way to grow your website beyond belief.

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4. Because you’re new at this and you don’t have a large number of people visiting your site, you could attract new customers by creating engaging contests. While this is not a new idea, if you add your creative spin on it, it can bring you new website traffic. People love sharing their experiences, submitting personal stories, vote on a specific subject and receive a small prize or recognition for one of these aspects.

5. Forget about traditional publishing and consider self-publishing by means of eBooks because people now prefer the digital version instead of your typical book. This is another great way of attracting website traffic and demonstrating credibility.

6. After creating the website per say you could use newsletters to keep your audience engaged. For example, MailChimp is a great option. By using newsletters you will provide users and clients with regular updates via email and website that will definitely help with the retention of customers and reminding them that you are a pro in your field. Also, remember to make use of audio and visual elements as they entice users.

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