What mistakes entrepreneurs do when using LinkedIn


As an entrepreneur, you are always looking to expand both your network and your influence. For most business owners, social media channels are a great way of making themselves noticed, and making new contacts. And if you are looking to achieve success, LinkedIn is the best source for that.

While working in this business environment, I have seen a lot of  business owners – especially in entrepreneurship and start-ups – getting great results from using LinkedIn as one of their main tools. But also, a lot of them have made the same mistakes over and over again when approaching the network.

So what are those mistakes that entrepreneurs do when using LinkedIn?

First of all, not having a profile is the biggest mistake. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t give LinkedIn the benefit of being a great tool for advertising and job-seeking, and they trust Facebook more because of its large number of users. It is reported that LinkedIn has almost over 250 million users, and the entire website is basically an online résumé database.

After creating your account, don’t leave your profile blank. This is another critical mistake made by a lot of new users. Your profile is your business card, and LinkedIn’s foundation is comprised of people connecting with other people. If you want to be trusted and people to reach out to you, you need to make yourself noticeable.

LinkedIn has a lot of users and monthly visitors, so your posts will be hard to reach by people out of your connection. However, if your posts are linked to current events, or related to your business, you can become a LinkedIn influencer. That way, you will be invited to post long-form content that will help other entrepreneurs.

Posting too much is also an issue, especially if you get too personal. LinkedIn is a social media channel that allows you to connect with other people, especially for businesses. Your posts should be about your business, your projects, and your market. You can use Facebook for other forms of content.

Also, do not sell on LinkedIn. Use your profile to give advice, to make announcements, and to offer support to those who reach out to you or your business.

I have mentioned before the possibility of becoming a LinkedIn influencer. LinkedIn started a program called Pulse that is basically a news tool. This tool helps you connect easier with other leaders, ensuring you a valuable feedback. That way, you will get in touch with people that need you and your business.

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