5 Traits All Successful Startup Entrepreneurs Have


Achieving success in your business has nothing to do with the conditions under which your business is established, nor is it a function of any luck or good fortune. Enjoying a successful run in your business is based solely on the level of commitment, hard work and financial diligence exhibited by you as an entrepreneur. However, as with all startup entrepreneurs, the first major step in deciding whether you want to start a business is to ask yourself this vital question: “Do I have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur?”

Over the years, a lot of behavioral experts have published several research papers indicating that successful entrepreneurs; either male or female, share some traits in common. So if you are still contemplating on whether you have what it takes to become a successful business owner, here are 5 traits all successful startup entrepreneurs share:

1. Ability to think clearly
Having a clear mind at all times is a trait which all successful startup entrepreneurs have in common. It is very important for you as a first time entrepreneur to know what you are doing, why you are setting up a business in the first place and where you are going with your business. With a clear and level headed mind, it will be easier for you to handle the challenges that come your way when setting up and running your business. As we all know, life is full of distractions and challenges, and it can be so easy for you to lose track of your purpose or goal if you fail to stay focused. This trait works like a small compass needle pointing you in the right direction; telling you when to re-evaluate your steps when the road ahead seems uncertain.

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2. Communication
This is also another useful characteristic that all successful startup entrepreneurs have. Having a clear, focused and strong communication skill will position you for success as a startup entrepreneur, especially when it comes down to communicating with your employees, clients and anyone directly or indirectly connected to your business. Many first time entrepreneurs beat around the bush when communicating their intentions for several reasons, one of which is not hurt other people’s feelings. However, open, honest and clear communication is what gets you through the tough times in your business as a startup entrepreneur.

3. Consistency
Consistency in following a daily routine of actions that help you grow and expand your business, while also increasing the success of your business is very important in becoming a prosperous entrepreneur. Though some entrepreneurs, after a while tend to become apathetic towards carrying out the daily functions of their business, you need to be focused and to remain consistent in doing whatever increases your success. Even if it involves waking up at 5.00 AM each day to kick start your business, being consistent with all the relevant actions that yield positive results in your business is what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.

4. Motivation
Motivation is another important trait all successful startup entrepreneurs have in common. Starting up a small business usually means you are either going to be the only one running the business or have very few employees working for you. With little or no deadlines to meet, no business partner to spur you on and no boss standing over your shoulder to make sure you work to his/her satisfaction; it’s quite easy for you to lose focus.  As such, many startup entrepreneurs have to continually search within themselves for the strength and motivation to keep going. Having this trait makes it easier for you to find the much needed motivation to forge on when times get tough on you and your business.

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5. Success-driven
The fifth, but not the last trait all successful startup entrepreneurs have in common is their strong desire for success—the need to turn out well against all odds and probabilities. All successful first time entrepreneurs, both men and women have the ability to push on towards success, even in the face of adversity and emerge out of it all, a whole lot stronger and more experienced. These men and women accept failure as an experience and use it to grow to be better. With this trait, you as a startup entrepreneur can turn any adversity into a success story worth telling to the whole world.

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